Our facilities — France


Our Lyon site is located in Gerland Bio-District in Southern Lyon. The site covers 6500 sq meters of lab, offices, and technical areas including 750 sq meters GMP manufacturing suites, 100m² development areas for USP and DSP, 110m² of control quality lab. The site is specialised in Process Development and Manufacturing of GMP batches for clinical supply (PhI-PhII) of viral vectors. The site offers flexibility to adapt to different stage of your project and accelerate its development with several features:

  • High throughput process development with Ambr250® platform, multiple 2L-single use bioreactors and advanced testing capabilities (incl. dPCR).
  • Manufacturing of GMP cell banks and seed lots in dedicated areas
  • 3 GMP suites fully independent (dedicated WFI distribution loops and HVAC system) and equipped with single-use 50L-scale (rocking-motion bioreactors) to 200L-scale (stirred bioreactors) that fit with adherent and suspension cell culture
  • Manual aseptic filling in glass vials and Visual Inspection up to 500 units/batch

Our team of experts bring extensive experience in the field of viral vectors with specific focus on AAV process optimisation and VERO cells-based process industrialisation.


The Strasbourg site is located in the Illkirsh-Graffenstaden Innovation Park. Covering an area of 4900 sq meters, the site has been the first viral vectors facility in Europe (1994).

The facility has specialised in viral vectors development and manufacturing for 25+ years. Equipped with four independent suites focusing on development and scalable production, our capabilities are fully flexible to support your innovation and make your project a success. A dedicated fill & finish suite for the manufacturing of your drug product can manage up to 10,000 vials/batch.

Our integrated Quality Control laboratory is operational design and execute a detailed and robust process and analytical development plan, phase appropriate, accordingly to your product specification and overall project milestones.