The TetraVecta™ system

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Oxford Biomedica has launched its 4th generation lentiviral vector delivery system, TetraVecta™ .

This state-of-the-art technology significantly enhances the development and manufacture of safer and more effective lentiviral vector-based therapies. TectraVecta™ is a modular system improving the quality, potency, capacity and safety of lentiviral vectors.

TetraVecta: Quality


  • Increased full length vector RNA production
  • Improved consistency of vector
TetraVecta: Capacity


  • 1kb reduction in LV backbone
  • Potential yield increase
TetraVecta: Potency


  • Higher gene expression in target cells
  • Improved particle activity
TetraVecta: Safety


  • Minimal therapeutic protein in vector
  • Transcriptional insulation

The building blocks of possibilities

The door to genuine plug and play manufacturing

The TetraVecta™ system reduces RNA and protein contaminants in LV particles. Process development is more predictable for any given product, increasing manufacturing consistency, saving time and money.

The development of high-titre stable producer cell lines for any transgene

The limited availability of full-length vector RNA and the chronic expression of transgene protein in production cells prevent the development of certain stable cell lines and reduce the ability to isolate high production clones. The TetraVecta™ system overcomes these challenges and allows the development of any stable producer cell lines.

Speeding up the adoption of in-vivo therapies

The absence of transgene protein in the final drug product made with the TetraVecta™ system, negates potential induction of an immune response to the transgene, further increasing the safety of in-vivo therapies.

2KO genome™

Eliminates aberrant splicing during lentiviral vector production, reducing vector RNA contaminants.


Improves transcriptional termination signal, limiting interaction with host cell transcriptome and increasing gene expression in target cells.


Minimises backbone sequences, liberating 1kb of packaging space.

TRiP System™

Suppresses transgene protein expression during lentiviral vector production, increasing titre when cytotoxic payloads are used and removing transgene protein contaminants.

New possibilities for breakthrough treatments


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