Supply Chain

During 2020, in line with the 2020 objectives, Oxford Biomedica committed to building a supply chain that delivers commercial benefit to the business, while meeting its goal of sustainability. It is intended that this will continue to be achieved through establishing and maintaining robust supplier relationships and ensuring that their conduct supports Oxford Biomedica’s principles for openness, ethics and resilience in the face of environmental changes.

Oxford Biomedica looks to pay all its suppliers within 30 days of the invoice being received by Oxford Biomedica. In 2020, Oxford Biomedica managed to pay 94% of Oxford Biomedica’s suppliers’ invoices within 30 days. Oxford Biomedica is looking to improve on this performance during 2021.

Oxford Biomedica has three main ESG supply chain objectives for 2021, which build on the progress made during 2020 on these areas. The objectives comprise the launch of a code of conduct for suppliers, the creation of a supplier page on Oxford Biomedica’s website and benchmarking its suppliers and providing them with feedback.

For more details of Oxford Biomedica’s Supply Chain pillar and initiatives see page 64 of the Oxford Biomedica Annual Report.



2021 ESG supply chain objectives:

  • to launch a code of conduct for suppliers.
  • to create a supplier page on the Group’s website.
  • to benchmark the Group’s suppliers and provide suppliers with feedback.