End-to-end viral vector manufacturing services

Proven manufacturing excellence at commercial scale

Oxford Biomedica has the technical and regulatory expertise to help you deliver the life-changing medicines of tomorrow.

Our commitment to medical innovation, proven experience of scaling up complex manufacturing processes and thorough understanding of product commercialisation give you everything you need to get your product to market.

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State-of-the-art facilities

Oxford, UK

Viral vector manufacturing in Oxford, UK

Our facilities in Oxford offer 94,000 square feet of space for specialised cell and gene therapy manufacturing, along with a further 20,000 square feet available for flexible expansion.

Benefit from:

6 GMP manufacturing suites

Next generation single-use 200L and 1,000L bioreactors

2 Fill Finish suites

Warehouse and cold chain facilities

Boston, US

Viral vector manufacturing in Boston, US

Our facility near Boston offers 91,000 square feet of manufacturing space, covering full scope process development and GMP operations for Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAV) and Lentivirus.

Benefit from:

3 x 500L bioreactors

Our proprietary serum-free suspension process for early-stage clinical manufacturing

Our proprietary AAV platform

Proven scalability to 2,000L

Lyon and Strasbourg, France

Viral vector manufacturing in France

Our facilities in France offer 6500 square meters in Lyon and 4900 square meters in Strasbourg of space for specialised cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Benefit from:

Fill Finish lines

Up to 10,000 vials per batch

Benefit from our deep scientific understanding

Working with Oxford Biomedica gives you access to capabilities that go far beyond conventional contract manufacturing services for viral vectors. Our commercial experience, scientific understanding, and development expertise complement our state of the art manufacturing facilities. Our teams are passionate about helping you get the results you want.

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Benefit from our rigorous controls

When you use an Oxford Biomedica platform, you get a comprehensive, end-to-end CMC service. You can be sure our quality-focused GMP manufacturing processes will support your viral vector product through every step of development through to commercialisation, all supported by robust and compliant analytics.