Industry-leading lentiviral vector services

Discover our unique LentiVector® platform

The Oxford Biomedica LentiVector® platform, which was the world’s first lentiviral-based gene delivery system to be commercially approved, has already helped thousands of patients receive innovative and life-changing ex vivo and in vivo treatments.

We’re helping the medical industry realise the true potential of lentiviral vector-based gene therapy through ongoing innovation in vector capability and supply.

Results that speak for themselves

Proven performance

We have demonstrated over six years of stable, dose-dependent gene expression in patients after direct in vivo administration.

Commercial quality

Our LentiVector® platform supports the first FDA and EMA approved CAR‑T cell therapy.

Optimised processes

We continually innovate our platform through producing proprietary cell lines and vectors, by developing new processes and analytical methods to increase yield, and improving delivery and quality.

Benefits of using the LentiVector® platform

Oxford Biomedica offers unrivalled lentiviral vector expertise, drawn from broad clinical and commercial experience. Our proprietary LentiVector® platform offers a range of benefits, including:

  • fully compliant analytical methods, recognised by regulatory bodies around the world
  • next-generation manufacturing technologies that drive down cost per dose
  • an established serum-free suspension bioreactor process – Process B
  • a best-in-class perfusion bioreactor process – Process C offering superior yield and quality
  • access to unique chemical and mRNA enhancers
  • automated product-specific experiment designs
  • optimised cell lines for a scalable manufacturing process
  • expertise with different lentiviral-based vectors (HIV, SIV, EIAV) and using various pseudotypes to target specific cells
  • ‘minimal’ 3rd generation vector systems with key safety features

What makes the LentiVector® platform unique?


GMP batches successfully released in the past 9 years

Track record

  • 25+ years of manufacturing experience (CGMP manufacturing since 2014)
  • Validated commercial platform
  • Availability of Drug Masterfile with the FDA

19E+12 TU

Vector product generated for therapeutic gene at 200L scale


  • Recognised leading platform by multiple emerging biotechs and pharma companies


Titre improvement achieved for a LV-CAR product with OXB technologies


  • Technologies and process upgrades to improve vector titre, quality, potency, safety, consistency of manufacture and scalability

12 months

Fastest timeline achieved from client onboarding to released CGMP batch

Fast to GMP

  • Rapid entry to clinical trials without the need for tech transfer and process changes


Number of countries with a commercially approved product using our LV

Tech transfer

  • Possibility to tech transfer the LentiVector® platform to your facilities


Number of patients treated using our LV

Customer focus

  • Trusted by broad range of customers, from emerging biotech and large pharmaceutical companies
  • Strong focus on project management and communication

Access to unique technologies

Our flexible licensing structure gives you access to unique technologies, along with the support you need to develop and deliver groundbreaking new lentiviral-based products.

Achieve your objectives more easily using our advanced and reliable technologies:

TetraVecta™ system

4th generation lentiviral vectors

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TRiP System™ technology

Transgene repression in vector production

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LentiStable™ cell lines

Packaging and producer cell lines

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