Unparalleled process development services

Maximise yield and improve quality

Lean on our process development expertise to help you reduce the time and expense involved in getting your next life-changing therapy to first clinical trial and beyond.

We’ll collaborate with you to develop a strategy that streamlines your product development cycles and maximises yield – so you can increase your speed to clinic.

Serum-free production processes

Our serum and animal component free suspension processes use chemically defined media and supplements.

This maximises volumetric productivity for a significant reduction in the vector cost per dose.

Giving you the commercial advantage

We’ve built quality by design into our process development service, to give you benefits including:

  • reduced process variability
  • parameter optimisation
  • robust, reproducible processes
  • improved commercial viability
  • widely proven regulatory compliance

We’re all working towards the same end goal: to make cell and gene therapy universally available and affordable, so that more patients can benefit from life saving interventions sooner.