Oxford BioMedica Notes Encouraging Results of the Investigator Led Phase I/II clinical trial of MVA-5T4 Immunotherapy (TroVax®) and Low Dose Cyclophosphamide in Patients with Advanced Colorectal Cancer

24 February 2017

~ Both Cyclophosphamide and TroVax® independently shown to induce highly beneficial anti-tumour immune responses, resulting in significantly prolonged survival of advanced colorectal cancer patients

Oxford, UK – 24 February 2017: Oxford BioMedica plc (LSE:OXB) (“Oxford BioMedica” or “the Group”), a leading gene and cell therapy group, today notes the results from a Phase I/II clinical trial of MVA-5T4 immunotherapy (TroVax®) and low dose cyclophosphamide (CPM) in patients with advanced colorectal cancer (TaCTiCC). A poster was presented by the clinical investigators in a poster session at the American Society of Clinical Oncology and Society for Imumunotherapy of Cancer (ASCO-SITC) Clinical Immuno-Oncology Symposium on 23 February 2017 in Orlando, USA

The poster described the open-label Phase I/II clinical trial involving 53 patients with inoperable, metastatic colorectal cancer who were randomised to receive either no treatment, low dose CPM, TroVax® only or low dose CPM followed by TroVax®. The primary study endpoint was to assess increased anti-5T4 responses after treatment on day 43 and the secondary endpoints were progression free /overall survival and anti-5T4 responses over the trial period.

The study findings demonstrated that significant anti-5T4 immune responses were generated at treatment day 43. Secondary analysis revealed that both CPM and TroVax® independently induced highly beneficial anti-tumour immune responses, resulting in significant survival of end stage colorectal cancer patients, without any major toxicity. This was the first randomised study to show a benefit of immunotherapy in advanced colorectal cancer patients.

Commenting on the results, John Dawson, Chief Executive Officer of Oxford BioMedica, said: “The presentation by the Clinical Investigators of the Phase I/II TaCTiCC study at the ASCO-SITC Clinical Immuno-Oncology symposium showed the potential benefit that Oxford BioMedica’s immunotherapy (TroVax®) treatment could give to patients with advanced colorectal cancer.”