Oxford Biomedica Solutions announces novel Dual Plasmid Transfection System, and has demonstrated suspension bioreactor titres above E15 vg/L, and chromatography purification achieving 90% fully in-tact vector

5 May 2022

Bedford, Massachusetts – May 6, 2022: Oxford Biomedica Solutions, LLC. (“Oxford Biomedica Solutions”), a new high-performing, full scope AAV manufacturing and innovation business, now offering its ‘Plug & Play’ Platform that has successfully delivered four GMP programs and five Investigational New Drug submissions.  Oxford Biomedica Solutions is announcing today that it will be sharing novel and critical Platform data, and the new Dual Plasmid Solution, at the upcoming ASGCT annual meeting, May 16-19, Washington D.C.

The gene therapy space continues to need higher performing manufacturing processes, and more importantly, higher quality vector. The Oxford Biomedica Solutions team have been innovating to develop the capability to deliver both quantity and quality.

Tim Kelly, CEO of Oxford Biomedica Solutions said “This new Dual Plasmid Solution is really a game changer for Companies who are looking for high quality vector and performance.  We are now able to achieve 2E17 vector genomes in a single 500L drug substance lot, which will also allow access to much larger indications.”

Poster presentation details for the event:
Tuesday May 17 from 5:30-6:30 pm
Poster board number Tu-267
Abstract number 762

Oxford Biomedica Solutions: solutions.partnering@oxb.com
Tim Kelly, Chief Executive Officer: t.kelly@oxb.com

About Oxford Biomedica Solutions
Oxford Biomedica Solutions is a high-performing, full scope AAV manufacturing and innovation business based near Boston, Massachusetts, US.

The newly formed company has approximately 125 technical operation employees based at its state-of-the-art AAV manufacturing facility with approximately 25,000 sq. ft of GMP space. It operates three 500L bioreactors using a proprietary serum-free suspension process for clinical manufacturing via a proprietary ‘plug and play’ platform. The GMP experience includes 45 successful 500L lots, and the production process has proven scalability to 2000L in the high-quality process development laboratories

Oxford Biomedica Solutions is owned by Oxford Biomedica plc together with Homology Medicines Inc.